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PHOTOS: Xzibit @ Commodore Ballroom | October 18th 2023 |

Photo Gallery from Xzibit, Live @ Commodore Ballroom | October 18th 2023

Xzibit’s electrifying concert in Vancouver on October 18th, 2023 was an unforgettable night of hip-hop magic. The city was pulsating with energy as fans from all walks of life gathered to witness this rap legend in action. With a killer lineup of his greatest hits and fresh tracks, Xzibit had the crowd bouncing and rapping along to every word. The venue’s vibrant atmosphere and Xzibit’s stage presence created an incredible connection between the artist and his fans, making it a night that will be talked about for years to come. And to capture every moment of this epic night, we had Ryan Smith out on the scene, expertly documenting the unforgettable experience. Vancouver truly experienced a hip-hop sensation like no other on that October evening, and thanks to Ryan’s talent, those memories will live on forever.

Photos by Ryan Smith – @Pixel.Communication

Justin Ruscheinski
Justin Ruscheinski
Justin was born in Burnaby and now resides in Richmond. He was given his first camera at the age of 13 and has since turned his passion for photography into a career. His favorite part of being a photographer is helping people capture those precious moments.

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