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July 3, 2014
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Celebration of Light (USA)

Fun at the Fire Works

NullI was on a great adventure on July 26th 2014 I went to English Bay and took a few photos for the first time of shooting the fireworks and this is my result.

I had a lot of fun I was with a friend and his children and Their friends along with my mom this is the results that I got.

I did some reading online and found out that if you keep the shutter open for a long time the shots would turn out amazing in the end I got some amazing shots using the Tripod and a setting of BULB and an F/8.0 – F/11.


I would love all my Viewers’ feedback on the shots I took. Next year when they come I am planning on attending all the shows I will also be shooting at the next one that is on August 2nd 2014. Due to it was so much fun


Justin Ruscheinski
Justin Ruscheinski
Justin was born in Burnaby and now resides in Richmond. He was given his first camera at the age of 13 and has since turned his passion for photography into a career. His favorite part of being a photographer is helping people capture those precious moments.

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