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Why do you love Monster Trucks? That was my awesome question for two kids who were sitting in front of me while my friend and I were setting up our camera’s for some EPIC Monster Truck shots! His answer: “They’re big, so cool and they go fast. I want to be a Monster Truck Driver!” Well to be honest, even at my slightly older age, I’m even thinking about being a Monster Truck Driver. I do remember my Mom always saying I was a Monster, so maybe she knew something! But seriously folks, that did happen, those kids were smiling and jumping for joy all night, and this experience was exactly why I enjoy being a part of and supporting any event that can inspire people to a happier life.

My passion has always been to Make a Difference, Have Fun and Live Life to the Fullest, so it absolutely makes sense to support and throw some Love to those who are doing the same. Recently I had the opportunity to once again be part of Monster Jam Vancouver and understand why this is such a popular attraction for kids and adults of all ages. Mkidtruckonster Jam was a heck of an experience and wasn’t just about loud noises, huge trucks, big crashes, crazy flips, demolition cars, etc; It was about massive fun and adventure for the entire family. It was amazing to see so many people rocking out to a great show while capturing wicked images with my photographer Justin on the day. We captured some great images as you can see.

I can easily sit here, post a few pictures, write some great content about all the crazy flips, jumps, turns and downright ridiculous high flying moves, and YUP I sure will, but what really excites me is finding out about how something or someone is making a big difference in the lives of others. In this case, talking about what Monster Trucks means to the little ones. There were literally thousands of young kids smiling, screaming, of course covering their ears, and jumping up and down upon seeing their favourite stars shining brightly in the air, mostly upside down, at BC Place stadium.


In fact, here’s one of many great stories of what the Monster Truck team did to support others, and how they are doing their part to make a difference for their fans all over the world.

Just a short while ago, The Maple Leaf Monster Jam team partnered with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to bring Big Trucks and Big Dreams to the Desa Family. Little Jayden Desa received a special Monster Jam bedroom makeover from his favourite Monster Jam drivers.

CLICK HERE to read this awesome story.

Having said all that, this was also a special night with so many special moments. Even Legendary Monster Jam Royalty, Tom Meents, (here in the picture) and driver of Max D, managed to thrill the many children in the audience with his end of the night jaunt into the crowd. MacD I am going to ask for forgiveness right now for jumping in front of a million kids for this shot, but I just had to do it before my photographer took off for the night. Who wouldn’t want a shot of the 11-time World Champion driver of Max D.

For those of you who do not know what Monster Jam is all about, it is one of the most popular touring family entertainment sporting events in the world reaching more than 135 cities around the globe and over 350 performances per year. Monster Jam is a high flying, car crushing, explosive event of demolition, speed, power and unbelievable stunts with the world’s best Monster Trucks and drivers whose skills are an awesome spectacle of “rock-and roar” that will bring fans to their feet cheering for more!

Nobanditw that should be enough to get you out there with your family to check them out! I promise you will not be disappointed by all this amazing fun, craziness and adventure. You can always find out more about Monster Jam by visiting their site  RIGHT HERE.

Speaking of Crazy stuff, here’s a few pictures from my photographer who was there with me who just happened to capture the very best moments of the night! Cars exploding, trucks flipping over, fire all over the place, kids and adults screaming. What could be better than that!


Justin Ruscheinski
Justin Ruscheinski
Justin was born in Burnaby and now resides in Richmond. He was given his first camera at the age of 13 and has since turned his passion for photography into a career. His favorite part of being a photographer is helping people capture those precious moments.

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