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REVIEW & PHOTOS: CLASSIFIED The Canadian Classic Tour With special guests Choclair and Maestro Fresh Wes @ The Commodore Ballroom | November 1st 2018 |

Rapper Classified Preformed at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on Thursday night with 3 guests. Shay, Choclair, and Maestro Fresh Wes. Each rapper brought their own flavour to the genre, and was appreciated by all who attended.

Shay was energetic, and spoke about Cancer, Joy, remaining honest to one’s self. Choclair brought self respect and love, engaged with the audience, showed people how to “drive” properly. Maestro Fresh Wes was a local of Vancouver and said it was a pleasure to be back in his hometown. He ran back and forth slapping hands and fist bumps to the audience. He made reference to knowing locals with one of his pieces “I know your mom”.

Classified interacted with the fans, had them jumping and singing along. There were fans there that who had just learned of the artist of which it was stated “ that they found connections to Classifieds work within their lives”, while others stated “ they were tired of all the rappers who had women’s bits thrown around and with little respect to them, however felt they really could enjoy Classifieds music for its deep thoughts and clean lyrics”. Those who have been long time fans (and clearly knew all the lyrics) stated they had been following the artist “ since I was 18”, but they would not reveal their age with great laughter when asked.

Classified was even greeted by a fan who jumped up onto the stage, showed his dance moves to the rapper, and when safe to do so, was escorted off the stage. It was very clear, that everyone who attended the show was highly entertained and enjoyed the music by all artists.

-Classified Online- 

Sarah Diamond
Sarah Diamond is a local artist here in Vancouver who loves taking photos. Interested in the field since she was 7, she has loved the challenges that Photography brings with each shot and environment she interacts with.

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