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Single Release | Kym Simon |

Single Release interview/review by Sarah Diamond – 3Guardians

Late in the evening, I silently pray this interview is going to go well. I push the numbers that will lead me to Kym Simon. 

“ Hi is this Kym Simon?”

A cheery voice comes onto the phone “ Yes!! Is this Sarah?”

“Yes, it is!” I laugh. I know from this point, this is going to be great.

If you have never heard of Kym Simon, you should. I think she is a naturally talented singer of Country music, relatable lyrics and has some true spunk in her music. Her new release really brings out the feels for me in regard to our time. It’s relatable, it brings up some common feelings that we have all been going through this year, and it even has this wonderful ending that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it feels familiar and something mysterious. If I ever figure it out, I’ll let you know.  

She has three albums out so far, Mirror, Priority and If You Stole My Heart, along with two singles; You got this, and Heroes. Now with a new release today,  this Friday Oct 2nd, 2020 called Lonely Together.

 In addition to a wonderful Music career, she also tacks on as a Mother of two children, Wife, and a business women, I had to know how she could do it all. 

So how do you do it all?

I am just very thankful for all that I have, and when I think about it, it’s what really keeps me going.  I look at my kids, and for those that have kids, they know, your kids just make you want to do better. You want to inspire them, and encourage them and in return they end up doing the same for you. 

I noticed a lot of your music is Country style, so how did you find your style and what drew you towards County? How did you know that was your style? Did you try other styles? 

When I was growing up, Bryan Adams, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, that’s who I kind of grew up with.  It wasn’t until high school that I became a fan of country. My Grandparents and Parents had a band so I knew a lot of Country music, because that’s what they did. In high school my biggest influences were artists like Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Patty Loveless and many more, those were the ones I listened to like crazy. Then I started singing out in public and the feedback was you have a country voice. I feel that country is in my vocal range as well.  I love country music, love story telling, and details. I would love to be able to rap, but I am not the greatest at it. *laughs*.

Can you tell us what inspired Lonely Together, outside of miraculously matching with Covid, was there actually something that got it started back in 2015?

Well, we were writing music, and my husband is a firefighter for the city of Edmonton, and he works nights, and Ryan Balanecki ( my co-writer ), and his wife was working, and he starting coming up with  saying we have the same moment together, oh my God why don’t we be Lonely Together, and that’s how it kinda got started. Then it got us thinking well we always had this time on a Friday night, and what must other relationships feel like when you are alone on a Friday night, so that’s how it got inspired. 

Did Covid affect how this single was written and created?

This song was actually written back in 2015 so it wasn’t even written in Covid time, but it seems to fit now. Originally it was more of a rock song, and to change it to Country was a cool idea. 

Covid!! How has that affected you as an artist and with this new Release, did it affect how it was produced, or was it actually a blessing in disguise? 

Yah I think it was a bit of a blessing in disguise.  When Covid hit, this song was done completely virtually. With all the musicians (like Travid Switzer who produced it, with Dallas Smith and Megan Patrick, and it was mixed by Bart Mckay ) I was working with, it would be like sending this snippet here and that piece there, and then the feedback might be change it up here, and then once done we would have to send it back and forth. It was delayed, as we had wanted to release it back in July. 

During this time though, because of Covid, I really got a chance to learn more about social media and even started my own Facebook Live show called Kym’s Corner every Monday night.  Little did I know how much that was going to affect others and making them so happy when they didn’t have much to do. They could tune in to watch me every Monday and I’m getting people from all around the world now.  

When you wrote the song Lonely Together was there any particular verse or lyric that really struck you when you wrote it?

I do love the chorus… 

You answer the phone, 

Thought you wanted to be alone, 

But I could tell by your tone, 

(and in the first line  says)

You just don’t want me, 

(and the second line is )

You still want me. 

I think with Covid relationships were going back and forth and I think people were getting tested with that. You can be scared to call someone and you don’t know how they will respond to that and you are hoping they want you and then you aren’t sure.  You want to be with them, but you are lonely… so you could be lonely together. 

I think it just really happened to work out well this time. 

So how do you test out your music? Do you ask your family or friends, or do you just throw it all out there to the audience and see how they react?

I usually have some close friends that I test it out with, or my Facebook Kym’s Crazy Facebook Group. They are really nice. I do ask others like Travis, or those I know who will give me their honest opinion. I have a group of friends that I know I can trust and they will really tear it apart, but I know that is a safe place to do that.  In the end though, it is really how you feel about the song and how you connect to it that will make it successful or not. 

If you had a question you wish people would ask you during interviews and they don’t, what would that question be and what would your answer be?

The question would be… what is the craziest thing I have been a part of, or what is the craziest thing I have ever done? Or who is your favourite person to meet or talk to?

There are so many answers to go with.  Well, people know I’m crazy, just not that crazy if you know what I mean, I won’t jump out of a plane or over a cliff kinda crazy, but… I have bungee jumped. I’m a total chicken.  I’m more crazy out there loud, then crazy things and not brave at all, but I did bungee jump. Pretty proud of that and I want people to know I did that. I once did get a belly ring, but I don’t have that any more.    

Oh! … Or who is your favourite person to meet or talk to?

I got to meet Oprah. My all time Idol, and I was so calm and didn’t freak out. 

In your press release, we have three albums, Mirror, Priority, and if You Stole My Heart, and you already have two singles out already as well; so with this new release Lonely Together, you have advertised that there are two more after this one. Are we going to get a hint of what those two next ones might be or will we have to wait to find out? 


I’ll give you a little hint…  the next one is going to be a lot of fun, it really is a women anthem song and it’s about middle age women, moms, those who are really busy, and don’t take much time for themselves… It’s called ”Ladies Night Out” and it really is a party song. 

The third one is titled “High” but it probably won’t be out till the summer, and provided Covid is not around hopefully we can tour with “Ladies Night Out”.

With “High,” I will say it is about two people getting together and … ending in a really good night. 

( She did reveal more about those songs, but I will leave you in suspense and you will have to wait to see how those turn out.)

So to tie it all up, where can your fans and others find Lonely Together, and what time is it being released?

It will be out at midnight EST on Oct 2, 2020 and they can get it on any digital music outlet. ITunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and it will be a digital release world wide.  No hard copies, just digital. 

As I said my goodbye to Kym and hung up, I listened to the song again. It’s in moments like these, that perhaps one little phone call can mean the world to a person. It doesn’t have to be even about dating, but just that connection we want to make with everyone. 

With Covid, we have all these doubts and worries and we feel like we are losing the relationships we have spent years building up. Perhaps, call your family, call your friends, call a musician *wink* and sometimes it really can be great to be Lonely Together; we might just begin something new. 

Sarah Diamond
Sarah Diamond is a local artist here in Vancouver who loves taking photos. Interested in the field since she was 7, she has loved the challenges that Photography brings with each shot and environment she interacts with.

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