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REVIEW: Lights , Chase Atlantic & DCF – The Lights “We Were Here” Tour 2018 @ The Vogue Theatre | January 30th 2018

Lights Concert Review:

Lights really Lit it up at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver last night.

With everything happening in the world today, Music has become more important than ever as a way to bring people together and as a way to escape to a positive experience. Lights, with their outstanding music, has built an incredibly passionate and huge fan base over the years and it felt like they were all there last night. It most definitely was a Feel-Good experience, and at the Vogue theatre on opening night, the 1000+ fans were able to do just that. I left feeling good too and wanting to hear more of their music.

The Lights “We Were Here” Tour 2018 with guests Chase Atlantic and DCF at the Vogue Theatre in the heart of Vancouver proved to be a fantastic event for all the fans. We are excited that they started their 2 month plus tour in Lights home province and are excited to follow their tour throughout Canada and the United States. If last night was any indication, people all over will be feeling good right alongside of us all last night. Sold out in all venues, we’re proud to see the massive growth of this wonderful band. You can check out the tour dates and so much more here on their website:

Winner of 2 Juno Awards and 3 Gold Album Certifications and so many more accolades, Lights really does know how to light up a room. Hits like “Giants”, which is about finding hope in a hopeless world, “Toes”, “New Fears and my favorite, “Up We Go” and so many more songs, rocked the house and kept everyone dancing and singing all night long.

I also really enjoyed the program leading up to the big event. The night started with DCF kicking it up a notch and getting the crowd going, followed by Chase Atlantic with their unique Australian flavor. Everyone was pumped with the guest bands, and the energy was created for welcoming the main attraction to the stage. Lights did not disappoint and humbly treated us all to a great show.

And at the end of the night, NOBODY wanted to turn off the Lights, including this guy. In a room filled with party Millennials, I found myself dancing right along side them all and didn’t want the night to end.

Prior to the concert, I found myself browsing their website and learning as much as I could before the show. I’m a fan for sure and encourage everyone to spend time as well on their site to check them out and their upcoming shows. Their story is quite epic and can once again be found at:

Lights, Camera, Awesome!

Review By: Robin Wong – MrKarmaJunkie

Robin Wong - MrKarmaJunkie
Robin is a FreeLance Writer and Happiness Coach. Passionate about sharing the stories of inspirational people and helping others discover a purposeful life, Robin is always excited about spreading Joy, Loving Life, and Making a Difference!

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