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REVIEW: Letterkenny Live! – The Encore @ The Orpheum | December 18th 2018

When I walked into the Orpheum Theatre to watch and review Letterkenny Live: The Encore, the energy was through the roof with people excited about seeing Letterkenny before and raving about the opportunity to see them perform again. it was clear that this comedy troupe was gonna rock the house.. Having only watched a handful of hilarious videos, I had an idea of what to expect, but at the end of the day, I was more than pleasantly surprised with how awesome it was. The team and sketch comedy acts were amazing, with Mark Forward and K Trevor Wilson once again killing it with their standup comedy routines..
This was a packed house, with 2000+ fans on the edge of their seats responding loudly to every F*** this and F*** that.. I definitely learned a few new ways to say F*** in a sentence LOL… The bottom line was that this was a hilarious night with great dry humor comedy in a creative barn and beer setting. It was like we were all having a beer together and sharing campfire stories.
After experiencing Letterkenny Live, it definitely makes me want to start watching the show on CraveTV more often.. Since I love and am all about dry humor, I appreciate the same, and although shocked at first with all the profanity, I did eventually get into it.. my only challenge now is that a few days later, I need to wash out my own mouth with soap to tone down my new vocabulary lol..
In 2016, Letterkenny launched and has been an instant hit ever since on CraveTV and the Comedy Network, which led them to the award for Best Comedy Series in 2017 at the 5th Canadian Screen Awards.. not bad with just one full year under their belt. I can see why these folks are at the top of their game and gaining even more momentum with every Live Performance.
The bottom line is that Letterkenny Live: The Encore proved to be a fantastic event for all, and no-one left disappointed.. After a performance like what we experienced, I can see why there is a Buzz. It is obvious that Letterkenny has built a loyal fan base over these few years and it felt like they were all at the Orpheum that night. I look forward to following their journey and hopefully seeing them again in the near future.
-Letterkenny Online-
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