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Photos & Review | Taylor-Rae and The Back Seat Drivers + Cory Gallant @ The Railway Stage Bar and Grill | May 7th 2019 |

Taylor-Rae and The Back Seat Drivers and Cory Gallant Perform at the Railway Stage Bar and Grill in Vancouver Tuesday night.

Taylor- Rae’s band consists of 5 members, and are wonderful singers. They were able to harmonize quite well with their songs. They were lively, entertaining and active. They show a real flair to the side of country. If you’re a fan of country then this may be one of the bands you should be checking out. One of their members also was very multi-talented by playing the keyboard, guitar, harmonica, and saxophone. With that kind of diversity in their ranks, they are sure to have a lot of creativity in their upcoming album. They sang a few songs from their upcoming Album and some well-known covers. Their new Album will be released early June.

Cory Gallant is a sure spitfire singer that can draw in crowds. With sold out shows this past week and another one happening tonight, you don’t want to miss it.  With solid vocals and that country grasp of the music, you too can join the line dancing that is bound to happen at his shows.  With a release coming out on May 27, 2019, as we here at JR Media found out, you’re going to want to be dialing into your favorite podcast or music program to get a listen to the new sounds.

At the Railway Stage Bar and Grill, we were delighted with the line dancing, a surprise duet with Taylor -Rae and even brought some fans up to the stage to sing along to some country favorites. This reviewer heard one of the upcoming songs called Wavelength. This was my personal favorite so far, as it had an interesting drum beat, chords you wouldn’t think would work for a country song, and yet they do and overall just a thrill to listen too.

Check out Cory Gallant’s page  for the latest info for tonight’s show May 11th, 2019. Tonight will be his last performance until August 2019.  So bring your hats and boots to the show and catch him while you can.

Stay tuned in the next few days as I bring a personal interview with Cory to learn more about his life, his future goals, and where he’s going next.

Written by Sarah Diamond

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