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Paravel – Up Above It All Single

Space the final frontier; but not for Paravel, they are going past the stratosphere with this song and I believe it won’t be their final adventure. In fact, I think they are just getting started.

When hearing this song for the first time, the beginning notes reminded me of space. Of traveling upward, to something beyond. As it continued, I was reminded of the songs like Rocket Man and Major Tom but obviously with a more modern twist. The idea we can go up further and farther than we can have ever dreamed is what this song can lead the listener to. That we can challenge ourselves, no matter what is happening and as they say go “ UP ABOVE IT ALL”

Lines like the afterburner, rocket soul and sonic boom are all perfectly chosen words that describe what the artists are trying to say. I think this song could be seen as very encouraging, uplifting and pointed towards a future that is in your control. You choose the destination in your lives and like a rocket, you can choose to see how fast you can get there.

Paravel has been a local band here with their home base in Abbotsford BC Canada, with their creation of the band in 2016. Their release of “Up Above It all” single is nice to see finally out in the world, after what appeared to be a few delays in its release, and I think it’s been worth the wait. If you’re a fan of Alternative Rock, then this might be the song for you. Check it out at the link before, and may you find “… Your future around the corner”


You had your head in the clouds

Before the countdown started to sound

You were leaving the ground

Even before they asked you to go

Your sonic boom

You’re going to break through

You’re up above it all, up above it all

You were sick of the show

Sick of the fiction taking its toll

You and your rocket soul

Told me to go with you, up, up, away

Turn on the afterburner

Your future’s around the corner //


Listen to the song on Youtube or Spotify

Find Out More About The Band:


Article Written by Sarah Diamond – 3Guardians


Sarah Diamond
Sarah Diamond is a local artist here in Vancouver who loves taking photos. Interested in the field since she was 7, she has loved the challenges that Photography brings with each shot and environment she interacts with.

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