Allan Rayman - Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC - September 22, 2017

I heard a song on the radio a few months back that really caught my attention.  It was called "13" by Allan Rayman.  His sound, the lyrics, his voice was very intriguing.  So when I heard Allan was going to be performing at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, I knew I had to see what he was all about.

This is an artist that I knew nothing about and never heard of before.  He's not new to the scene just staying off the social media grid as I found out.  I wanted to do research about Allan and find out as much as I could about him and his music.  This became very difficult.  He's not interested in the fame, the tweets, the facebook status.  He's not about self-promotion or the fame.  He just wants to do his music for himself and if people like it, that is great but it's all about being true to himself and what he likes.

From Toronto, Ontario, Allan Rayman is a very mysterious and shy kind of guy.  Before the show started, you could hear his nervous, excited laugh.  Then the curtains opened.  His stage was dark with red lighting projecting shadows around him, never allowing the crowd to really see who he is.  He just lets his lyrics speak for him.  His sound is unique. His voice is raspy at times but so distinctive and true. His lyrics are real, deep and enticing. His music is a mixture of blues, funk, hip-hop, soul and R&B.  They way he moves throughout his songs is real. He feels every beat, every lyric.

Although Allan is not interested in fame, he has it. He had a SOLD OUT show and had his fans hypnotized throughout the whole show and has made a new fan in me.

You should check out his new album "Roadhouse 01". You can find it on his website You can also find some great videos and concerts on YouTube.

I'm not sure Allan will ever read this but I hope he continues to do his thing because it is unique and special.

Kelly Findlay
Born and raised in Cambridge Ontario but British Columbia is my home. The mountains, the ocean, the parks, the entertainment and oh the music! I have always had a strong love for music and sports. Over the last few years I have become heavily involved in the music world. I volunteer for BC Country Music Association, Cloverdale Rodeo, Rockin’ River Music Festival and most recently online promoter for Canada’s Music and now JR Media Group. I have so much fun watching local bands and artists grow and become the superstars they are. I enjoy promoting them on social media and attending their concerts, shows & events. I have been fortunate enough to have met many artists and knowing how much they appreciate what I do is amazing. I look forward to seeing where this adventure will take me.

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