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PHOTOS & REVIEW: Arcade Fire @ Pacific Coliseum | October 14th 2017

With an introduction that Muhammad Ali would have been proud of, Arcade Fire stepped into the Pacific Coliseum on october 14th 2017 all set to go toe to toe with their audience. A packed Coliseum beamed with excited fans waiting to see how much of a punch the Everything Now album makes on this tour. With a left then a right they break through the screams and cheers of excitement with a single combo from their 5th studio album “Everything Now”.

With a rotating 360 degrees stage the Butler brothers energetically ran around the stage and at times William bounced off the ropes hungry for more, going corner to corner feeding off the screams of their fans as they continued their set with “Signs of Life”.

The audience collectively left out a scream of delight when “Rebellion (lies)” hit their ears like a right hook, bringing back the  early years of Arcade Fire.

At one point as the music hushed briefly as if like fireflies dancing in the cosmic vibe lights appeared from behind the dark and filled the Coliseum, creating an infectious atmosphere drawing you in deeper.

“The Suburbs”, dedicated to those “born somewhere and they don’t know why they were born there” resonated between the bodies and minds of all those briefly reminiscing on times past while linking into a single voice across the concert hall. This continued into “ Ready to start” but it was clear that Arcade Fire had been ready a few songs earlier with their powerful performance.

Regine Chassagne surprised the audience by joining them to a little dance off. With this interaction meant the audience were fully locked in and ready for Arcade Fire. Midway through violins build through the cheers but with the moment of realisation as to what song was coming up , the greatest cheers of the night bellowed out for “Neighbourhood #1” Arcade Fire were hitting all the right notes on the night and as a final salute to the audience and their fans their final Encore was “Wake Up”. A night that started with a punch and transitioned into a masterful light show with memorable songs that didnt disappoint.

Review & Photos By Rory Coomey


Justin Ruscheinski
Justin Ruscheinski
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